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If you already have a brochure, an annual report, a project plan, or any other text, we can transform it into a website or a leaflet. Or the other way round: we can integrate texts written by several authors into one coherent annual report.
Having to present creates anxiety for everybody. But reducing stress to healthy tension is a skill that we possess. We can guide you right up to the moment you present, making you more confident when you have to deliver. You will radiate this self-confidence and this is something your audience will notice: you’ll know you are really getting your message across. Coaching may include advice with respect to preparing the presentation, writing the text, including appropriate audiovisual elements and, of course, the actual presentation itself, including pronunciation training.
Test administration
If you want to determine the language proficiency of your students, employees, applicants for jobs or others, we can arrange this for you – from the test administration to the final report. Naturally, we can advise you as to which test (or tests) to administer in which context. If you have a very specific testing objective, we can develop a tailor-made test.
We have extensive experience in developing and teaching language courses of varying lengths and levels and, of course, are well placed to deliver courses tailored to your specific needs. All courses can be taught in-house.
You have a text that isn’t half bad, but the t’s need crossing. Even if the text is written in a foreign language, we can do that. And if we don’t have the expertise required, we call in experienced professional colleagues. If your text is of considerable length – even a whole book, we can edit part of it and instruct you how to edit the remainder. This way the costs are reduced and at the same time you can learn from what we’ve done.
A good presentation hinges on proper preparation. What counts as proper preparation, however, is a personal matter. We find out what works for you and start from there. Whether you want a casual approach or work to a closely prepared script, that’s up to you. And of course we also prepare you for the subsequent question-and-answer session: which questions should you expect? How do you handle difficult questions?
Test development
If you have a very specific testing objective, we can develop a tailor-made test. For test development, we co-operate with colleagues at Pearson Language Assessment and with high profile Dutch testing agencies. The costs of developing a test can vary enormously. At the top end, for instance, where you want to determine the language needs of your employees, we co-operate with language experts at VU University Amsterdam, Radboud Universtity Nijmegen and specialist research institutes such as
For training in specific skills we offer interactive workshops focusing on the actual texts and language situations your employees have to manage. We give them the tools to improve their performance in these situations.
If you don’t want to venture into writing your own English texts, we can translate them into fluent English for you – in the style that matches the type of document, whether that be a scientific text, a press release or an information leaflet. Of course, we can also translate your English texts into Dutch. For other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, we co-operate with experienced professional colleagues.
Most presentations require audiovisual support, i.e. image and/or sound. The elementary rule don’t overdo it also applies here, of course, but usually a couple of well-chosen images or sound fragments really brighten up a dull story. Otherwise you’ll have to rely exclusively on your own voice and your own personality.
Test advice
If you already have a clear idea of language requirements for your employees, students or people applying for posts, we can advise you which tests are most appropriate. We can also administer these tests. If there are no tests available, tailor-made tests can be developed.
For improving specific language skills we offer short, intensive training sessions, such as preparing your employees for an international visit or - the other way round - preparing them for foreign visitors. We can also specifically coach your employees to prepare a presentation.
If you have a general idea of what your text should look like, even if you only have a few thoughts and some information, we can do the rest. We can also take care of the lay-out and produce camera-ready texts.
Many speakers – and especially non-native speakers presenting in English– come across as dull and uninspiring. Incorrect or unclear pronunciation distracts the listener and takes away from your message. Although we will concentrate on the text of the actual presentation, the effect will be to improve your overall pronunciation.
Test preparation
If you are preparing for an exam, we can assist you in this process. We offer assistance for Dutch and English exams; for other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, we will refer you to one of our partners.
Materials development
In addition to test development and teaching language courses we have many years’ experience in developing course materials, from materials for pronunciation training to report writing, from grammar courses to spelling workshops. We can develop materials for courses tailor-made for you or for courses that are already being taught within your organisation.
Dutch, English;
for other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese,
we co-operate with experienced professional colleagues.
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